Common Land Rover Tips, Fixes and Repairs

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Fusible Link Repair - Model: Range Rover Classics and Discovery 1s - V8 Range Rovers from VIN LH610295 to LH647644 and Discovery from LJ03414 to LJ081990 were fitted with fusible links. A simultaneous failure of multiple circuits on your Rover may be indicative of a failure of the fusible link.

Troubleshooting Climate Control Faults on RR P38A  On the P38A Range Rovers, there is a warning symbol that may appear on your climate control display. IF you don’t have access to a testbook or dealer and you want to diagnose this a little bit, here is a good collection of preliminary steps you can take.

Range Rover Classic - Power Door Lock Actuators Some tips for replacing your door lock actuators in RRC on the cheap (also applies to Disco 1).

Range Rover Classic Outer Door Handle Replacement Follow this shortcut method for repairing your RRC outer door handle. Can be done in 60 minutes or less by just replacing the handle pull and not the entire assembly.

Technical Info

Coil Spring Rates for Land Rovers - shows OEM specs for coil sprung rovers.

ECU Codes for Range Rover Classic - decodes 2-digit code reader found under Passenger seat.

OBD Codes for Range Rover P38a and Disco II - decodes the ODB system for these Rovers.

Troubleshooting ABS Codes on RR Classic and Disco 1 - low-tech method to figure out why your ABS light is on.

23 Upgrades to Discovery - Common Weak Spots/Fixes - From a Four Wheeler magazine article.

Wiring Diagram for EFI on 1992 Range Rover Classic - some unique features on 92 model year

Replacement Parts - Cross Reference for Land Rover Part Numbers

I am in no way suggesting that you should ever use non-Genuine Land Rover parts when repairing your Rover, however, sometimes you may be in a situation where you need to get back up and running immediately. Here is a list of parts that "seem" to work OK when a Genuine part is not available.

Ignition Coil - Most parts chains have a number of options in-stock, including BWD E504.

Ignition Wire Sets - again, most chains stock something like the Denso set# 671-8139

A/C Expansion Valve - tough to find item for some Range Rovers Classics (89-94), try for Murray Part#38733 to replace the hard to find AC expansion valve on some early RRC's.

Main/Fuel Pump Relay- Try for Bosch part# W0133-1631929 to replace the silver 0 332 014 112 relays.

Cruise Control Vacuum Pump-a few options are out there. Look on eBay for a used Saab 900 or 9000 pump, you will have to splice your old connector on, otherwise perfect replacement.  Check for Dorman#904-214, again you will need to splice in your original pigtail.

Heater Blower Motor - Try part # W0133-1652002 from to replace Range Rover Classic Heater Blower Motor RTC6693.

U-joints for driveshafts on Range Rover Classic and Discovery, try Neapco Part No. 1-0005, available everywhere.

Ignition Module (Ignition Amplifier Module) - If you have your original ignition module it is likely a 2 wire connector. Newer replacements use a 3-wire connector (STC1184) and will require a cable to convert your 2-wire harness to the 3-wire amplifier. Or you could simply make your own. There are 2-wire version still out there as they are used on Austin Martins and some Fords (Fiesta?). You can find it under Transpro Part#LM122 as well as a number of others